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Killnine per Sint: ecco la nuova app Selecard

Tutti i servizi, i partner e i punti vendita convenzionati Selecard a portata di mano, in un’app. In occasione dei venti anni del circuito Selecard, Killnine ha progettato e realizzato un’applicazione che permette di localizzare i negozi convenzionati per area … Continue reading


Stripes are stars

A chinese proverb says “If the axe is not sharp, it doesn’t matter how hard the wood is.”. We keep on thinking that the approach based on using the right tool for the right job is still the best. Well, … Continue reading




Information Feed Aggregator

Killnine developed an information feed aggregator. 
Besides an administration area which allows aggregated content moderation and editing and a smart filtering system that strips out unwanted content, the service makes content available via RESTful web service calls. The tool now … Continue reading


Image Server

Killnine developed an http service for image resizing and handling. 
The service gets high resolution images via filesystem or via http and outputs them at selected resolution.
 The system is easily integrable with enterprise solutions. Image resizing requests are handled … Continue reading





To-Park is a mobile web-app which locates, with built-in GPS, the nearest public parking of Turin, displaying in real time available parking lots. The built-in map management takes the user turn-by-turn to the parking. To-Park was developed by our team … Continue reading